Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's In Green Tea That Makes It So Good For You...

Growing up I loved to drink lemonade with a sprig of mint floating on top, thanks to my great-grandmother. You can read about her and her famous lemonade in my book Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male. As I grew up my tastes have changed a bit and now I love green tea. No sweetners, no additives, just plain iced green tea.

Last week I wrote a post about green tea (already taken down) and what is in it that makes it so healthy for you. Well, I made a mistake...I found out that the list of ingredients was actually an article written by Steven Popec for the website ESP Emporium, a great website about tea of all kinds and a place you can order it from. I never intended to "steal" his work, I thought it was just a list made up by a Facebook friend. Well, again I was wrong and I apologize. The article is a great one though and you can read the whole thing here...

I always knew green was good for me, just didn't know how much. Thanks to Steve and the people at ESP Emporium I have been educated, both in tea and watching for copywrites. Hope all ends well with them.

So what makes you feel good? Leave me a comment about that, or if you have seen a random act of kindness that I can share in an upcoming post. One such act follows:

I have a blogger friend who has a daughter that needs some help. She is trying to raise money on her own to help with a medical device she needs---well. let's have her say it better.

Ana was recently disgnosed with scoliosis and needs a special kind of brace which is not covered by insurance. She needs the brace as soon as possible and has set up a website to sell her artwork to raise the funds. It would mean a lot if my readers could take a look. I appreciate everyone who follows this blog and hope to be posting more often again soon.

How about checking out her website and seeing if any of her artwork appeals to you? She really could use the help.

So both an apology and a random act of knidness this week.
Until next week,


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