Monday, June 21, 2010

A new title, but the same old thing...

So this morning I changed the title of the blog to "Did Ya' Ever Notice...? Unfortunately I was running out of random acts of kindness to talk about. They were all the same, like donating to a certain charity (and there are so many nowadays), thanking someone for a kind review of my book, or helping out someone who has more of a need. I'll still use some of these but I notice things all the time and want to talk about it. Here is my forum, and yours too. Share with me and the readers what you notice as you go through your day--interesting, stupid or just amusing--let's share them all!

The first thing I noticed yesterday was that it was Father's Day and no one missed it. 95% of the posts on Facebook were about dads--even those people trying to sell a product tied it into Father's Day. I read about young dads, older dads, and even some great memories about dads who have passed away. It was rather refreshing that everyone had something good to say. I felt happy about the world, at least for a day. Even the news had a happy spin on it.

Wouldn't it be a cool thing of every day could be a holiday? People seem happier, more together with each other and actually make each other smile. Why can't we make every day a holiday, like "Smile at the opposite sex day?" or "Shake hands with a different race day?" or "Say hello to everyone day?" We really are all the same inside, that's what the posts I read yesterday were all about. It didn't matter if you are young or old, married or siingle, black or white or whatever--everyone had something in common on this one day-their father. They shared feelings and experiences very openly with anyone who was their "friend." Why can't we all be friends? Why can't every day make us feel like we did yesterday? Can't we all just get along?

"Did Ya' Ever Notice" that we are more alike than different?

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  1. Hi Philip!

    Good message and I agree.The color on the skin doesn´t matter, the thing that matters is what is inside the heart.And very important to honor the father and admire our parents.