Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Traveling is getting more difficult...

I travel way too much--my job demands it and marketing of my book "Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male" asks it, so I do it. It used to be fun...now it's just tiring.

It starts out by getting to the airport. Luckily I live a few miles away from the local one, so I can leave a lot later than most have to. I already know the patterns of my airport and realize that Tuesday is the best day to leave and Saturday is the best day to return. The worst day to return is Thursday night...everyone comes to Vegas on Thursday after work. Monday is a bad day to leave also, especially in the late afternoon.

Business people know all this and adjust thier schedules to accomodate the best situations. Unfortunately regular travelers don't. They have trouble getting through security--it's only been about 5 years that you can't take water through, that you must empty your pockets, and that you must take off your shoes--is it that difficult? Families are the worse, but I understand that and never get behind one.

Then comes the flight itself. I only fly Southwest, a great company. Again though only business people get it. How hard is it to line up in order, why do the regulars not understand the routine? Then they get mad when the guy letting them on the plane tells them to get back in line.

Once on the plane, these people look like cattle, just following the person in front of them. They all want an aisle seat or look for "their" seat. Southwest has open seating-- do you think you'd know that after you make your reservation?

Luckily I can fall asleep on any plane trip.

Finally, the worse is when you reach the hotel. Most doors close on their own, so you don't have to help them. Yet, I am constantly awakened by the slamming of hotel doors at night and in the morning. Again do this once and learn, people!

Traveling is something I must do, so I will. But it sure isn't as fun as it used to be.

"Have Ya' Ever Noticed" that traveling is more work than actual work?

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  1. Traveling is not so difficult especially if you book early and with some good organisation.