Monday, May 3, 2010

When Fate Comes A Knockin'

I have been very lucky lately. My Facebook page for my book "Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male" has been getting many, many visits. The book has sold more copies in the last month than it has in the eight months it has been on the market...finally the buzz has caught on! One of the people who visited was Darcia Helle, a suspense writer who has a much bigger following than I do. We exchanged books and did reviews on each other. Darcia spent a lot of time and effort promoting my book, seems she enjoyed what she read. She posted her review all over the internet and also did an interview with me that she posted on her blog, A Word Please.

Because "One Good Turn Deserves Another" here is my review of Miami Snow, Darcia's new book.

Nick Donovan had it all—the wife of his dreams, a big house, a career he loved—but they all left him one day when he arrived home early to find his wife in bed with his best friend. What will he do when fate steps in and changes his life forever?

Sometimes fate has a surprise in store for you and Nick will find this out, but not before his life bottoms out. He is mad at the world, at his ex-wife Shelley in particular, and wallows for a time in self pity. Moving across the state to “find himself” he instead finds Brandy Alexander, named by her father in honor of the alcoholic drink. She is just like the drink--a little sweet, easy on the eyes and an addiction Nick can’t get enough of.
As Nick and Brandy begin a relationship that neither really was looking for, Shelley throws a monkey wrench in their plans. Her baby, who she hoped her new boyfriend was the father of, is actually Nick’s.
Nick didn’t want to be a father this way. He always planned on a family, but not on a short term basis. Instead of thinking about his daughter first, he is hell-bent on torturing Shelley. As he slowly changes his tune and begins to truly love his daughter, Brandy changes too…unfortunately for the worst. Money issues, the love of excitement and smoking weed lead to bigger and more dangerous drugs and adventures.
As fate sometime does, it leads Brandy and Nick on two separate paths…although the relationship continues. Lies and difference of opinions take the place of the daily sex Nick and Brandy share. As Nick matures and grows up living his life for his daughter, Brandy, thinking she is doing the right thing, continues on the path of self destruction.
Not wanting to be a spoiler, that’s where I’ll stop. Just know that fate happens to all of us, but also remember, like Nick says, “Sometimes fate needs a push.” And that all the characters eventually get exactly what they deserve.
Fast paced, interesting characters that are so lifelike that you are sure you know them, and a believably written plot and back story makes “Miami Snow” a must read. Whether you like mystery, suspense, self-help or even romance genres, this has it all.

The longer I am in this business, the more I see that many authors are friendly and will help others out...the complete opposite feeling I had when I first started. Although others are still very much driven by ego and believe that their works are "the best" most are just ordinary people with a story to tell. Thanks to people like Darcia Helle I am enjoying this part of my journey much more.

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