Saturday, August 18, 2012

Support Indie authors

I am an Indie author, all of my books are self-published or published by an small independent company, All Things That Matter Press. Most of my author friends are also Indie authors and we all need support. So I will pass on some of my reviews of others.

The story of Anistasia and John is a normal teenage romance … not at all. Toni G Sinns has crafted a unique adventure romance in I’ve Got You Covered.

Ani, as she is called throughout the story, has a secret. She is a teenager on the run. With no parents in the picture and only her older alcoholic brother to watch over her, whenever a ‘situation’ arises they run. But what from?

John is a rebellious teenage boy who talks back to his teachers, doesn’t do homework, and doesn’t care for too many people in this world. He’d rather work on his cars and run an illegal racing circuit than go to school. He too has a secret.

What happens when Ani and John meet? At first nothing, but both feel something special about the other. Even though John has a ‘girlfriend’ he still would rather hang out with Ani. And when she finds out he is a racer, something she is interested in also, they just click. But there is much more to their story …

I’ve Got You Covered chronicles the beginning of their relationship and eventually uncovers both of their secrets. You’re not going to believe what they are. Not one to be a spoiler, I will let you, the reader, find out for yourself how this book turns out.

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