Thursday, August 23, 2012

Autographed Copies of My Books

People ask me all the time 'how can I get an autographed of your books if you never come to my area?' Well, now I have answer for them.

Before I discuss that, let's talk about my books so you know what I write about. My 'tag' is "Real life fiction for real life people." What does that mean? Here's how I answer. Some readers love stories about werewolves, shape-shifters or science fiction ... things that may never happen to them. I write about situations that CAN happen to you and maybe already have ... or at least they're ones you can relate to.
Take Misguided Sensitivity for example. 

It is the story of a young boy who goes searching for acceptance and happiness after his parents get a divorce. Kenneth Weene, author of Widow's Walk, says,  "I think it would be much more effective than Men are from Mars ... for understanding the male/female relationship." Bonnie Cehovet, an independent reviewer, states, "A book that addresses our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with Spirit. A tremendously good read ... and could very well help those who are still trying to define their path in life."

Or how about my newest release, Life Is a Balance, It isn't only about you.

One reviewer states, "I recommend this book as an enjoyable read, but also as a book that will help the reader to better understand themselves, and those around them. We all deal with the same issues in life, but we deal with them in our own unique way."

Or how about Legends of the Lake

This is what Susan Mahoney, an independent book reviewer, says, "This reader would describe this book as a lazy Sunday drive through time, involving generational memories and shares the joy and sorrows of the legends of the lake." 

And finally You're Never Alone ... A Child of Divorce Searches for Happiness

"This is a very insightful, emotional and educational story about the lessons one learns in their journey to self-discovery. It could be used as a study guide for parents and young people to explore together and discuss the insecurities one faces ..." says one reviewer.
This is the Young Adult version of Misguided Sensitivity, one which is written with teenagers in mind.

Now that you have a feeling for my writings, here is how you can get an autographed copy no matter where you live.

I will sign any ONE book of your choice to whoever you want it to go to, AND will write whatever you wish AND send it FREE of postage for only $18.99.

But I'm not done...

I will send you BOTH Misguided Sensitivity and Life Is a Balance, you get the WHOLE journey of self-discovery of one boy for the low price of $29.99. Plus you get all the above freebies, including FREE postage. That's a 20% savings over buying them separately. 

But wait ...

I will sign all 4 of my books, just like above, and give you FREE postage and also throw in a FREE copy of my poetry book, What the Heart Feels, for only $48.99. That's a 30% saving over buying them separately, PLUS you get the free book.

 So how do you do all this.? Send me an e-mail at with the sentence I want autographed books in the subject line. I will respond with the next steps and how to pay for them. Remember, a reader loves the feel of a paperback book in their hands, and what is better than to get a personalized message from the author? This is great for birthdays, graduations, Mom's Day or Dad's Day, and, of course, for the holidays. 

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