Thursday, August 30, 2012

September is Make-A-Wish month for this author

I've been very lucky ... both as an author and as a parent. My 5 books on Amazon are doing well. I get nice royalty checks ... not enough to live off of yet, but still people are buying my books. As a parent, my son is healthy and way too smart for his own good. Although there are ups and downs, my life is more than I ever expected it to.

Others aren't as lucky. The company I work for, Daymon Worldwide, uses the month of September to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Last year I had an idea, donate some of the profits from my one book to that organization. I was able to sell 300 books and sent in a check for $300.
This year I hope to do even better. I have five books on Amazon and should be able to pass that $300 mark quite easily.

But I still ask for your help. So come on over to my website, and buy any of my books, either a paperback or a Kindle edition and I'll make a donation. Even if you don't read, buy a book anyway and donate it your local library or women's shelter or anywhere else that could use it. That way you're helping two ways ... someone gets a book and Make-A-Wish gets the needed donation that they deserve.

Here is a picture of my flyer ... feel free to share this post with any of your friends through e-mail or on Facebook or Twitter or however!

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