Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sensitivity 101 Holiday Press Release

Just thought I'd add this for you to see. I sent this to local radio stations, newspapers and am putting up in coffee shops, etc. Normally I donate 10% of my profits to The Children's Miracle Network, in December it will be 25%. Care to help? Just buy a book and you have helped! Thanks...

The Season of Giving Should Be Twelve Months Long!

Author Philip Nork ( believes we don’t only need to think about giving when the festive season rolls around and Christmas is coming to mind. With the help of his book buying public, the first time author wants to do it all year long.

“As I stated in my book Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male, I believe that life should be a simple experience—you learn, you share, and you help others.” Philip added. “Why wait for December to be generous of heart and soul when you can do so every single day?”

Philip’s decision to support The Children’s Miracle Network ( by donating a portion of the sales of Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male to his favorite charity reflects this belief. Out of all the charities, this was his first choice to get involved in.

“Ever since hearing about CMN I have always supported it. Children are our future and making sure they grow up healthy should be a concern of us all.”

Described as “Straightforward and refreshingly candid…an impressive presentation of a life with a plethora of helpful lessons to share” by Apex Reviews, this book has, since its August release, received rave reviews. If you would like to give a gift that gives twice over this Christmas, Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male, the tale of one boy’s early life lessons following his parent’s divorce, is one way to achieve that.

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