Monday, December 7, 2009

A Conundrum Appears

Today I will share with you my dilemna. Sensitivity 101 for the Hetrosexual Male is selling pretty well, actually way past my expectations. But as this continues something that I never anticipated has happened. The book was written as a way for me to express old memories and how they have shaped who I am today. I thought people would just read it, wonder if it could really be true and enjoy themselves for a few minutes as they read through my adventures. It was not written to "teach" anyone anything.

What has happened is that everyone who reads it comes away with a different meaning for it. I have heard from other children of divorce, all who connect with longing for acceptance and happiness. I have heard from some that only see the "sexual" part of the book, and I even have gotten an e-mail from a psychologist suggesting this was my way of letting go of repressed feelings.

Because of the diversity of responses, I am inclined to add a sub-title to my cover, along with a few quotes from reviewers. I want everyone to read my book and maybe a sub-title will open this opportunity. What do you think?

Sorry about the ramblings, so on with a random act of kindness. This weekend I never made it out of my house. Holiday decorations, cleaning and just too busy with other things--like laundry. That's right I do the laundry, every Sunday as I watch the football games on TV. Well this has been going on for years, but this time something was different. After 5 loads of washing and drying, then putting away everything, and putting the decorations up, and putting away the groceries, and changing the water in my son's fishbowl, my wife came up to me, gave me a kiss and said thanks...

Talk about a random act of kindness. I feel a little special and appreciated again. See just a thank-you can make such a difference...even from those that care the most about you.

Next week I'll talk about some of the things in my introduction of Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male...

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