Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Celebration

So it's another Valentine's Day. Many roses will be bought, chocolates and chanpagne eaten and all restaurants will be overbooked. However, there is another way to celebrate this day as you will see by reading this excerpt from my book, Life Is a Balance It isn't only about you.
February 14
The sacred day of Valentines, a day most single people hate, and probably many married ones, too. If you didn’t give flowers or a card to those you were with, you were considered cold and unfeeling. If you didn’t get flowers or a card, you were usually alone.
Since I always had roses in my house, a throwback to my upbringing and a tribute to my grandmother, I didn’t have to buy Alex any, although I did get her a card and small present. I already knew she wasn’t getting me anything. I never wanted anything materialistic from her. She knew I sort of hated most holidays, except for Christmas. I normally dismissed them as concoctions for the retail world to make a fast buck.
That afternoon, sitting on the coffee table in the living room was my little package for Alex, along with the card. The writing on the envelope said:
Open this first, then call me.
It was three o’clock. I was still at work when my phone rang.
"Hi, it’s me!" she said. "I love you, too."
I knew she had opened the card; this was the first time I acknowledged to her that I loved her. I never said it out loud, and based on my actions, she probably never thought I would.
"That’s good to know," I replied.
"Can I open the present now?"
"That’s what I bought it for."
I heard the paper come ripping apart. Then I heard nothing. For about two minutes, there was complete silence on the other end. I was imagining what was happening and how she was feeling when Alex cried out, "Okay! I mean YES!"
I could tell the tears were flowing and that made me smile. Without saying another word, Alex hung up.
I then made a call myself—to Toni, my sister-in-law. 
"Happy Valentine’s Day," I said calmly.
"Same to you, what’s new?"
"Nothing, unless you consider getting engaged something."
"It’s about fuckin’ time!" Toni blurted out.
Yes, many a ring will be purchased and many a proposal will be accepted. Couples all over the globe will be starting on a new life, while others will showing thier affections. One way to do that is to get your Valentine a Kindle edition of my book here 
You can highlight this section in the book and bookmark it and after your Valentine reads it, you can hand her a ring. Or if you are a lady wanting a ring, you can do the same thing, mius the ring, as a hint as to what you really want from him.
Either way, have a great Valentine's Day and make it one to remember!

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